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Sunset on Lake Travis - Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0

Favorite Vacation Spot - A Luxury House Boat on Lake Travis

Rent a Cruise House Boat!

A vacation houseboat on beautiful Lake Travis

Renting a house boat for a week on a lake has got to be the most awesome vacation ever! Explore private coves and sometimes islands, swim, fish, snorkel, dive, ski and relax on your own private floating home. De-stress and be mellow in the comfort of your own vacation houseboat.

Rent a boat for a week and go live in a luxury cruising home. The cost for a big comfy houseboat on Lake Travis is around $4,995 (+cleaning fee, $150, +Captain's fee, $150) a week during peak season (May through September). That's seven days and six nights of floating around in a little slice of heaven. The house boat sleeps 10 people, so you could split the cost with a few friends and have an even better time. It's about the same price as one of those big, overcrowded cruise ships with their tiny rooms. There are 3 and 4 day rentals available if you are touring Texas and just want to spend a couple of days on the lake.

Starting out at Emerald Point Marina, or Volente Beach, you can explore the nearly 300 miles of shoreline around the drop dead gorgeous Lake Travis water way. The back of the boats have a big water slides that are so much fun. They also come equipped with a fold up ladder for easy access back up to the boat. You have the option of renting or bringing along some water toys like wave runners, jet skis, or cool floats. If you have scuba gear, bring it along because Lake Travis is one of the clearest scuba lakes in Texas. There are several scuba parks and dive shops nearby. My favorite is Windy Point Scuba Park.

Now, I don't know if Italian leather sofas are any better than good old Texas leather sofas, but you get a leather sofa in the living room. Satellite TV is provided, a DVD player and a good stereo. Queen size beds in all the bedrooms. The bath could be bigger and there could be more than one, but some of the houseboats have nice big baths. Kitchens are first rate and a barbecue grill is right out on the back porch.

Your vacation menu could include good steaks, baked potatoes, salads and desserts. Stop at any of the Whole Foods markets to pick up stuff to cook, and ready made items like artisan breads, muffins, croissants, smoked salmon, olives, chips and dips. Go wild. They have every gourmet thing you can think of. Grab some locally brewed beer and some wine and you're all set.

Hang out on the deck of your floating home at sunset to watch one of the best nature shows around. Sunsets in the hill country of Texas are legendary. Then watch the stars at night that really are big and bright, until time to be gently rocked to sleep by the soft sounds of the lake and the gentle motion of the water. No noisy neighbors or rowdy crowds to disturb you.

During the day, go for a morning swim, drink coffee and eat breakfast from your deck. Cruise around the lake to find another interesting cove to anchor in. There is even a famous nude beach at Hippie Hollow. Go for another swim and grill some steaks on the barbecue. Serve afternoon tea while watching the boats go by. Take an afternoon hike on the shore. Enjoy a quiet evening under the stars. Relax! It's a vacation!

Top 10 Fun Things to do from your private houseboat on Lake Travis:

  • Get Wet! - Swim, Scuba, Ski, Snorkel
  • Go Fishing - Bass fish, Catfish, see this Chart of Fish in Lake Travis
  • Watch for Yachts - Lake Travis has a Yacht Club and lots of cool boats to see.
  • Relax - People watch from your own personal houseboat decks, especially the upper one
  • Star Gaze - Spend the night under the stars and enjoy the reflected light on the water
  • Drink - Houseboat kitchens come with blenders so bring along some fun mixes to enjoy
  • Cook - Gourmet food, of course, or have a fish fry with the fish you've caught
  • Find a cool restaurant at a marina - You'll need an alternate source of transportation like a kayak to get there, houseboats are only licensed to dock at specific marinas.
  • Dance - Turn the out board lights on and dance on the decks. You will see lots of others doing the same thing.
  • Explore - 300 miles of coastline to examine and enjoy. In Lake Travis, there are "sometimes islands" that appear when the level is low. Get out and explore the shore!

Houseboats are the ultimate in luxury. They usually include big screen TVs with satellite service, offering hundreds of channels (including wi-fi. The master suites are full size with queen or king size beds, there are multiple decks for swimming and star gazing, and fully equipped kitchens with dining areas! These house boats are the equivalent of floating luxury vacation rental homes.

You have the options of adding water sport rentals, catering, food, beverage stocking, shuttle, Limo, car rentals, to and from downtown Austin. Rides to the entertainment areas on 6th street and downtown Austin. Anyone seeking an unusual and luxurious vacation to Austin, Texas will be amazed at spending a week on one of the most beautiful floating lake homes at our incredible Hill Country Lake.

About Lake Travis and Austin, Texas

Lake Travis is full! As of June, 2016, the lake is over 100% full and all of the lake's fine businesses are back in business.

Lake Travis is about 64 miles long, and its maximum width is 4.5 miles. The lake stretches out to cover more than 18,000 acres. There are 270 miles of shoreline around the lake. Its maximum depth is 210 feet, and averages a depth of about 62 feet. The lakes historic high level is 710.4 feet above mean sea level on December 25, 1991. Lake Travis is set in the awesome Texas Hill Country. Many people are surprised to find that not all of Texas is flat. Lake Travis even sports zip lines in the lush hills.

Lake Travis was created by impounding the Texas Colorado River with the construction of Mansfield Dam in 1937 to 1941. The dam is 266.41 feet high. The length is 7,089.39 feet. At the base it is 213 feet thick. Ranch Road 620 is built on top of the dam, but a new bridge bypasses that part of the road now. At one time it was possible to take tours into the dam. The dam is managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority of Texas.

Some say that Lake Travis is the most beautiful and fun lake in the Lone Star State. The lake supports many fine restaurants, marinas, boating rentals, water sports, and it a perfect houseboat lake. The Oasis restaurant is the local landmark for watching outstanding sunsets over the water. Although the lake was down for many years due to a sever drought, everything is back to normal and 2016 promises to be a banner year!

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