Schlitterbahn Water Park Review - New Braunfels

Congo River Ride, New Braunfels, Schlitterbahn L.A. Cargill

Schlitterbahn Congo River Expedition

Congo River Ride - mine entrance L.A. Cargill
Congo River Ride Entrance, Schlitterbahn
Comal Springs, Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels L.A. Cargill
Comal Springs, New Braunfels
Congo River Ride Elephant L.A.Cargill
Elephant on the Congo River Ride tubing

Day Trip from Austin, Texas - Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels

Schlitterbahn Congo River Expedition Ride

Water Rides - The Congo River Expedition

The Congo River water ride is smooth and calm. It looks like the animatronics adventures of Disneyland or Disney-world. The water is very cold, but access to the ride is fairly easy.

Strangely, one has to hike over to a tube pick up station and then carry your own tube back to the start of the ride. Then one must carry the tube back to the station when getting off of the ride. Most water rides at Schlitterbahn have tubes and floats just hanging around and you snag one for each ride.

Friendly staff assist you in getting into the water and then on top of your tube. Staying in the tube can be difficult at first, but after a few attempts, you will become a master at tubing.

The ride starts off in a very cool lightning filled covered barn like structure. I tried to capture it in the video, but it is much prettier in person. The water flow is nice and gentle and lulls you into a false sense of security.

The animatronics are well done and the walls surrounding the ride are very artsy and appear as realistic as possible. I loved the squirting elephant head, the spitting snake and all the great trees towering above.

The real fun begins when the helpful ride attendant gently guides your tube into the old mine shaft. I had to end the video there as it was nice and dark and I didn't think I would pick up anything. As it turned out, at the end of the mine shaft there is a steep water slide! I nearly fell out of my tube. Thankfully, the great park attendants are there to rescue all clumsy tubers.

I give this ride four stars and recommend it for all except very small children.

Schlitterbahn Congo River Expedition Ride Video

Schlitterbahn Review - The Raging Torrent Water Ride

Settle down on the Blastenhoff Beach, pick a table, or part of a table, leave your important stuff in nearby lockers and head for the the Torrent wave pool and ride.

My personal favorite water ride in the whole park, the Torrent is always crowded, but there seems to be plenty of room. Tubes are up for grabs right there on the 'beach'. The riders continually circle around the Torrent while being blasted by the runoff from the three incredible water slides: the Master Blaster (a famous uphill water coaster); the Black Knight and the Wolfpack.

From this section of Schlitterbahn, you can also access the Sky Coaster, the new Falls ride and several attractions suitable for children. I do not recommend the Torrent for small children unless you are holding them.

For adults and teens, i give this ride my best rating of five. It is a fun and wild ride. The water action is endless. You can float around and around the ride as many times as you care to. In fact, it is almost impossible for me to get off this ride. I love it. As far as I am concerned, this is the only ride I care to indulge in and I would do this every day if I lived in New Braunfels!

Schlitterbahn Falls Water Ride

The Falls - Longest Water Tube Ride

Claiming 3,600 feet of raging rapids, careening waterfalls and giant waves, The Falls is the latest and greatest water attraction at the New Braunfels water park. Enter at several beaches scattered throughout Tubenbach, a middle section between Blastenhoff and Surfenburg.

Acquiring a float tube is easy, then just lay back and enjoy the thrilling ride. The water level was a bit shallow, and I continuously had to arch to avoid scraping my bottom on the rough concrete structure. My friend said she had the same problem. This may have been due to the terrible drought we have experienced in Texas over the last five years. As of 2016, the drought is over and all of our rivers and lakes are back to full capacity.

The rapids were fun and I did not have a problem staying on my tube until I got to the actual Falls. This is a rapid run through rushing water followed by a precipitous drop which totally bounced me off my tube and I lost my sunglasses too. The attendant did save them for me, but I spent a few moments being disoriented and water logged. I managed to hop back on my tube and finish the ride however.

The ride ended at a deserted beach with a very cool dragon sculpture. I think this beach is mostly deserted because not that many people have discovered it. Schlitterbahn is like that. There are many coves and hideaways that the crowds have not found.

After the River Bend pool, as they call it, the ride takes you on an Aqua Veyor™ that I found to be very unpleasant. I had to go up on the ride rather upside down and it made me a bit nauseous. Then the ride proceeds back in the tube chutes to the entrance beaches where you can either stay on or get off. I chose to get off and it was difficult because I was rather stuck to my tube.

I give The Falls a four star rating. I think my friend gave it a five because she went back and rode it again on the second day we were there.

Overall schlitterbahn Water Park Review

Schlitterbahn (slippery road in German) has waterparks and resorts at the following locations:

Comal Springs is the major water source for Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. The Comal river is adjacent to the water park proper, and guests may tube the Comal river outside of the park and reenter the park as a registered guest. ID bracelets are included in the entrance ticket prices.

Book your resort stay at

It's easy to book hotels and accommodations and buy tickets online for any of the water parks. They have hotel type rooms, tree houses, cottages and private cabanas

Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels, Tx has been voted World’s Best Waterpark For the 15th Year In A Row! It is a huge five section water extravaganza that has more rides and features than any other water park in the country, perhaps the world.

Adults will love the heated swim up bars and beaches like Biergarten heated pool and bar near the Congo River Expedition. Enjoy a cool icy margarita while the kids enjoy the cool water playscapes that seem to be everywhere.

The resorts are more expensive, but if you want to save money, there are plenty of local hotels, motels and B&B's. The tree house resort rooms at Schlitterbahn sleep as many as12 people in a three bedroom, two bath rental. The price also includes full day passes to the waterpark for each guest.

Themed water rides, and action packed water slides are the favorites in the polls. Schlitterbahn delivers on all kinds of water based attractions, so there is no problem finding the perfect water fun in the Texas summer heat. Parking is free, shuttles will take you to all the sections of the park, and you can bring your own picnics or find food available at various locations in the park. Sun screen is a must have! Water proof shoes are great to have! I do not recommend walking around the park barefoot. The walkways are very hot.

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